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About the Day of Judgement, Allah says in the Holy Quran, Surah Maida 5, verse #119: "This is a Day whereon their truthfulness," (not correctness), " will benefit the truthful." more about what the Quran says....

Peace & Love From Holy Quran to Jews & Christians

Can Ahmedis / Qadianis Answer

Challenging articles shaking the very foundation of the Ahmadi / Qadiani faith. Dispels many myths and misconceptions in a very educational style, based on years of research
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Mubahilla with Ahmadi / Qadiani spiritual leader with full documentary proof
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Can Christians Answer

St. Paul's Christianity examined in the light of biblical evidence
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Can Bahais Answer

Can Bahais answer the very basic objections raised ??
Clearly exposing the fallacy of their beliefs
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Can Jews Answer

The Holy Torah welcomes the Holy Quran
Hidden meanings uncovered

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Articles in English, Urdu, German, etc.

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When our body goes underground and our soul flies towards the sky, we cease to be Pakistani or American and we become universal. Before our birth we were universal. After our death we again become universal. Why not make our small life between birth and death also universal?? complete article

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You can prove my arguments wrong in the supreme court of any country of the world, even in my absence !!!



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